Testimonials & Case Studies


When Spencer Bartlet, the GM of Cereal Partners Worldwide, realised his team had lost their drive and their results weren’t where he felt they could be, he decided to invest in mind training to help them get their winning approach back.

We developed a customised 8 week program that involved skill development around mindset change. That year they smashed their targets and outperformed all other divisions globally on market share, profit growth and sales growth.

CASE STUDY: Rabbitohs

Michael Maguire, Head Coach of the Rabbitohs, knew that he had an exceptional team in physical terms, which only left the realm of the mind to explain the losses during the high pressure end of the season.

He brought us in to help the players master their ‘inner game’, remove the noise from their heads and let them get on with what they had trained so hard to do – win match after match right up to the very end of the season.


Paul Olds, the co-founder of MND & Me, had heard of our work with the Rabbitohs and wanted to give the carers of people suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, the same tools we’d given to the football players. Having watched his best friend die of this diabolical disease, he knew the levels of stress, anxiety and despair the carers were under.

And most, if not all, had no techniques or training to help them face this mentally and emotionally exhausting role.

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