Executive Leadership Retreat

State of Mind Training + Your Content + Food, Accommodation & Ambience

Executive Leadership Retreat – Just Add Water

This unique offering provides State of Mind Training content wrapped into your content, whether that be strategic planning, sales forecasting, budgeting, or whatever your ELT needs to do.

This 2-3 day customised off site combines 6-8 hours of Mind Training with 8-16 hours of your own self-facilitated strategic content.

Based at the Watsons Bay Hotel, Sydney, readily accessible by water from the CBD, this flexible option can include accommodation, meals and excursions / activities designed to develop team capabilities in a unique and memorable way. Options can include an Escape Room experience to test and develop team cohesion and roles under pressure, Stand Up Paddle Boarding or kayaking on Sydney Harbour, or a gentler mind-body practice on awaking such as T’ai Chi in the park. The venue combines proximity to Sydney CBD with the feeling of ‘getting away’.

Please email to enquire: samantha@stateofmind.sydney

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