3 month program for Leadership Teams and Talent Development

Take your team to a whole new level

3 month program for Leadership Teams and Talent Development.

These programs are the most impactful as their extended nature, combined with the light touch (1.5 hours once per week) during the middle 6 weeks, allows the greatest team learning and rigorous integration of the teams’ choice of customized tools, into their routine and culture. Clients who have undertaken this type of program include teams from Nestle, Lend Lease, Mars, Mainbrace and the RBA. The effect is profound and long-lasting, and the development of cohesiveness, resilience and effectiveness of the team exceptional.

Session 1:
1 full day to deliver the bulk of the tools in an interactive, experiential way, ideally off-site. Our preferred venue in Sydney is the Watsons Bay Hotel.

Sessions 2 – 6:
1.5 hour session once per week, where the team checks in on their use of and learning from, the tools they’ve chosen to integrate. The cross-team learning is highly valuable and the efficacy of the tools in real-time leadership situations and business scenarios becomes very evident.

Sessions 7 & 8:
Week 7 is called the Wrap session and is a half day to check in with the participants about their final selection of tools they’ve chosen and confirm they’ve integrated them firmly into their culture and routines. The 8th session is a follow up 2-3 months after the commencement of the program to identify what’s changed, whether anything needs tweaking and potentially what areas are next for growth and learning.

Please email to enquire: samantha@stateofmind.sydney

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